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Shortwave Diathermy

Is Shortwave Diathermy Right for You?

Electromagnetic waves are the basis of Pulsed Shortwave Diathermy. These waves create heat and increase the circulation within the body’s tissues. In doing so, pain and inflammation can be significantly reduced. Joint stiffness and muscle spasms can also be alleviated with the help of shortwave diathermy.

The device used for this form of treatment involves a large applicator head (or drum). The applicator targets the painful areas to help provide much-needed relief.

What does Shortwave Diathermy treat?

Shortwave diathermy is effective for soft tissue injuries, arthritis, and wounds. There are other conditions that shortwave diathermy has been known to treat as well.

While it may not be a well-known form of treatment, it is highly effective and used by many professional athletes. In fact, we actually use the identical devices as many Arizona professional sports teams, including the Diamondbacks, Cardinals, and the Coyotes!

If you’d like to learn more about shortwave diathermy and how it may benefit you, don’t hesitate to request a consultation at MDM Physical Therapy today!

What type of shortwave diathermy equipment is used at MDM?

At MDM Physical Therapy we offer treatment with the all-new OmniSWD® Shortwave Diathermy System. With our evidence-based clinical protocols, on-screen tuning, and a high-efficiency output, the OmniSWD® allows us to achieve the best outcomes for our patients. The OmniSWD® helps to increase circulation and reduce pain and inflammation, decrease joint stiffness, relieve muscle spasms and increase blood flow. Applied to the patient through a large applicator head, shortwave diathermy may be used to assist in the treatment of soft tissue injuries, slow-healing wounds and arthritis.

What should I know about Shortwave Diathermy?

Shortwave diathermy uses electromagnetic energy that flows in continuous energy waves. In addition to the aforementioned conditions that it treats, it’s often used for tenosynovitis, sprains, strains, and bursitis.

As defined by Healthline,

“Shortwave diathermy uses high-frequency electromagnetic energy to generate heat. It may be applied in pulsed or continuous energy waves. It has been used to treat pain from kidney stones, and pelvic inflammatory disease. It’s commonly used for conditions that cause pain and muscle spasms.”

This safe, effective, and natural form of treatment produces heat deep inside the body’s tissues. It can penetrate as far as two inches deep below the skin’s surface.

The waves produced from shortwave diathermy actually generate heat from the body tissue itself. Specifically, diathermy treatment dilates the blood cells and stimulates white cell blood production.

The benefits of diathermy include pain relief, accelerated healing, increased blood flow, increased range of motion, and improved mobility. Treating the targeted areas of damaged tissue with heat increases blood flow and makes the connective tissue more flexible.

Find relief today

Are you living with a condition that’s bringing you pain? If so, shortwave diathermy may be the answer for you. Contact MDM Physical Therapy today at Mesa, AZ Center to schedule a consultation with one of our physical therapists and get started on the first steps toward relief!