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Sciatica & Back Pain

  • Mary Catherine M.

    I came to MDM with lower back pain and problems sitting. Through exercises, I have gotten rid of my pain! I have a 100% scoliosis so good posture is very difficult. All the therapists have been wonderful to demonstrate the exercise and make sure I understood how to practice them.

  • Brian J.

    Everybody at MDM has been great. They took the time to address any issues that I had and genuinely cared about how I felt. I would highly recommend MDM to anybody with back issues.

  • Matthew B.

    I did what they told me and my back has improved 100%. Everyone who worked on me was friendly and very professional. I picked the right place and would recommend them to everyone – no more back spasms!!

  • Wynishia S.

    When I came here last June I was having severe pain in my back, down both legs, and down the thighs. With the hands-on therapy, the pain has decreased to the point that it is much less and more and more it does not occur at all.

  • Dorothy S.

    I came to MDM because I was diagnosed with sciatica on my left leg. It took a little while for my exercises at the clinic and at home to take effect, but as I progressed I found it easier to move and noticed I didn’t have as severe pain as when I started. I gradually found that the pain was much less after my PT and home exercises!

  • Lillian P.

    I had severe pain in my lower back and sacroiliac. Mark and Alicia have strengthened me so at the moment I have no pain. I would recommend MDM because of their compassionate care. I have been to many places for physical care and find this place to be the best.

  • Deena S.

    A secondary benefit was greatly increased ROM in my neck as 4 vertebrae were locked, making looking left when driving painful. That has been corrected too! My therapist, Beth as been understanding of the fibromyalgia limitations and has not pushed too hard.

  • Peggy B.

    I have loved my time here at MDM. Everyone is so kind and helpful.My neck was stiff and I had a hard time looking over my left shoulder when I was driving. Now it is so much better. Thank you

  • Linda L.

    I was so miserable with neck and back pain, for 4-6 weeks. The PT technicians never left, made corrections on my moves. Now I’m pain-free; able to do walks (although still limited for walking longer than 30 mins at a time); and non-ambulatory to do more independent housework and church activities. I’m very, very impressed and really words are not enough to explain my progress.

  • Kathleen W.

    Before I received therapy I was unable to stand more than 5 minutes. Now I can stand for 10-15 min without any pain. I was unable to carry baskets of laundry due to low back pain. I am more balanced when I walk now and I can walk greater distances.

  • Sharon W.

    In my first session, my back was correctly aligned and the pain was reduced. In subsequent sessions, I learned to strengthen my back eliminating pain. Thanks to the entire MDM staff for their professionalism, cautions, and caring treatment.

  • Tex E.

    My lower back had been hurting for a couple of years and was getting worse. I was starting to bend over at the waist and couldn’t stand up straight anymore. My back is getting looser and standing is improving. Mark is the only person who has explained what is causing my problems.

  • Robert E.

    Returned this past winter to see Mark and Quinn regarding lower back and pelvis issues. Following approximately 5 weeks and some new stretches/exercises I feel better than I did the previous sessions. Thanks to those two and the remainder of the staff for their care.

  • LaRae M.

    Coming to MDM has changed my life. After finding out I had a pinched L-4 and becoming bedridden I needed help. I had injections in the nerve and I then needed physical therapy. Mark and the crew are awesome. They were easy to work with and the stretches have made my life great once again. Thank MDM!

Living with Back Pain or Sciatica? We’ve Got Your Back

Whether you’re experiencing general back pain or sciatica, our Mesa, AZ physical therapy practice can help.

The American Physical Therapy Association states that back pain is the most commonly experienced form of pain for Americans. In fact, one in every four Americans has sustained some sort of back pain in the past three months. Back pain commonly results from a muscle strain or injury; however, sometimes the back pain you’re experiencing is the result of sciatica.

Sciatica is a common and very specific type of back pain. People who experience sciatica typically report a painful sensation in the lower back, legs, or buttocks, as it is a condition that develops from issues surrounding the nerves.

At MDM, we have discovered that an incorrect alignment of the body is typically the cause of many back issues. If there are injuries or degeneration, these alignment problems just make things worse. Unfortunately, these issues are frequently overlooked. Through gentle manual therapy, easy stretches and simple exercises, our therapists can significantly reduce your pain! What we do is very DIFFERENT than most therapy clinics, but it works!

Contact MDM Physical Therapy today at (480) 832-9308 to schedule a consultation with one of our licensed physical therapists and find the best treatment plan for back pain relief!

Physical therapy and back pain relief

If you have been living with back pain or sciatica, don’t hesitate to contact MDM Physical Therapy for safe and effective treatment options. Our highly-trained Mesa, AZ physical therapists will design an individualized treatment plan just for you.

In order to provide you with pain relief, you will receive gentle, hands-on manual therapy during every visit. Specific exercise and stretches will be added to your treatment based on your needs. In addition, special equipment may be used to reduce pain and inflammation. This may include deep tissue laser therapy, ultrasound, shortwave diathermy, electrical stimulation, percussion/vibration and heat or ice applications.

As you improve throughout your treatment program, your exercises and stretches will progress. You will also be provided with a home exercise program to increase your flexibility and strength on a daily basis.

What’s causing my back pain or sciatica?

Injury is the most common cause of back pain. This can happen in one of three ways: 1) an instant, sudden trauma, such as a car accident, or 2) an activity that has caused a slight rotation of your pelvis, or 3) repetitive use that puts excessive stress on the back over time, such as bending down several times throughout the week to pick up boxes. It is also possible for back pain to develop from certain underlying conditions, such as a herniated disc or degenerative disc disease.

Sciatica typically affects people between the ages of 30-50, and it can develop for a number of reasons. Certain conditions can lead to sciatica, such as bone spurs, arthritis, or any injury that affects the sciatic nerve. Injuries can also lead to sciatica, such as herniated discs, harsh falls, sports-related collisions, or anything that occurs gradually over time through overuse, repetition, or general “wear and tear.”

So, what’s the difference between back pain and sciatica?

Back pain

There are a large number of conditions that can result in back pain. For example, poor posture, car accidents, and sports-related injuries are just a few of the ways that someone may develop back pain.

The pain you experience may either be acute or chronic, depending on what caused your back pain in the first place. Acute pain means that it lasts for a short time and is usually severe. Chronic pain means that it lasts generally three months or longer and it can either cause dull or severe persistent pain.


Sciatica, medically referred to as “lumbar radiculopathy,” is a bit different from general back pain. It can be extremely uncomfortable, but the good news is that it is fairly easy to diagnose. It begins at the lower back, splits at the base of the spine, and extends down the buttocks, legs, and feet. The sensation of sciatica can be described as “stinging,” “burning,” or “shooting” down the lower back, buttocks, legs, or feet.

Sciatica is caused by a “pinch” or additional damage to the sciatic nerve, which is the largest nerve in the human body. This “pinch” can be caused by a bulging disc or by incorrect alignment of the pelvis. Alignment issues are frequently overlooked, yet very common.

Find relief today

At MDM Physical Therapy, our main goals are to help you relieve your pain, improve your strength, and reach your optimum levels of function. If your back pain or sciatica symptoms have been limiting your daily life, contact us today at Mesa, AZ Center! We will help you reach your physical goals so you can get back to living your daily life, free from back pain or sciatica discomfort.