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Emily Bradfield, Physical Therapy Technician and Front Desk Assistant

Emily Bradfield is a wonderful new addition to our team at MDM! Emily will be playing a dual role at our clinic – as a Physical Therapy Technician and a Front Desk Assistant. We are grateful for her skills and happy personality!

Definitely an Arizona girl, Emily born in Gilbert, and so far, it’s the only home she has known. She is the youngest of 4, and there is a 16 year gap between her and her oldest sibling. She is an Aunt to four and also has a dog she loves and does everything with named Abby!

Emily graduated with my Associates Degree in May 2020. She plans to further her education and major in either Environmental Science or Biology.

She describes her interest in Physical Therapy like this “I think it is amazing how much our bodies can be effected through movement and exercise. Our bodies are so strong and simple changes can make drastic differences.”

Emily calls herself a ‘hobbie collector’. She loves trying new things and exploring new areas of life. She enjoy art, painting, and photography, ballroom dance, playing new instruments, and singing. She hopes to someday travel around the world and experience different cultures.

We are grateful to have her with us and look forward to many of you having the opportunity to meet her!